A man suspected of stealing an SUV with a 4-year-old boy inside and then carjacking two other vehicles in the Denver area was wanted by police for failing to show up in court for a drug charge.

Police said 29-year-old Ryan Stone was arrested Wednesday morning after driving around the metro area, tracked by authorities and television news helicopters.

A Colorado state trooper was seriously injured after trying to stop the suspect.

Longmont police spokesman Commander Jeffrey Satur said a warrant had been issued for Stone after he failed to appear in court March 4 on a "dangerous drug" charge. He said Stone was with his girlfriend when she was stopped in an apparently stolen car in Longmont Tuesday night. He was not picked up then but it's not clear why.

He said Stone was "definitely running like a person who did not want to go back to jail."


A man suspected of stealing an SUV in Colorado with a 4-year-old child inside and then carjacking two other vehicles is under arrest.

The suspect was arrested Wednesday morning after he caused a multiple-car crash.

Police said the sport utility vehicle was stolen from a gas station earlier in the morning with the child inside after his parents left the car running and went inside. The boy wasn't harmed.

Soon after the SUV was taken, television helicopters spotted a speeding vehicle matching that description. After about a half hour, the driver stopped and carjacked a minivan and took off in it the wrong way on the highway.

Later, after apparently losing a tire on the minivan, he sideswiped another vehicle and threw the driver out of the car.

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