Round after round of Shockers fans have hit the road to St. Louis to support their team this weekend, but Friday morning one last group took to the skies on a charter flight just in time to catch the Shockers first game Friday evening.

The travel package deal was organized by the WSU Alumni Association and included the price of the flight and hotel, but not the price of the tickets to the game. Each cost about $1,200 per package per person.

About 120 of those dedicated fans arrived at Mid-Continent Airport early Friday morning to a complete Shockers setup waiting for them at the gate - from balloons and banners, to breakfast snacks and streamers. Fans said it's been great to see that show of support throughout our community.

"I think that Wichita has really shown our stuff off, not only here, but around town you see so many gold shirts and it's so nice to see," said longtime Shockers fan Deb Campbell.

Everyone was decked out in their black and yellow attire, complete with beaded necklaces and "Play Angry" bracelets. WSU Alum Richard Campbell said he's supported the Shockers through thick and thin, and he's happy to get to travel with other dedicated fans.

"We've got a plane load  and I'm looking at all my friends here, so this is what's exciting," he said. "To go to someplace like this and have all your friends and just cheer," said Campbell "Go Shocks! This is wonderful."

The flight left Wichita about 8:30 Friday morning and is expected to return sometime Sunday night.