The Pilgrim Congregational Church pleaded for vandals to stop after finding BB or pellet gun holes in Parish House windows.

"Whoever is picking on Pilgrim Congregational Church, we would just ask you to please stop," said David Robbins who is heavily involved in the church.

This isn't the first time the church has had issues. Robbins said windows of the nursery had the same BB or pellet gun holes before. Two large windows in the church had to be replaced after someone threw rocks through them. Now, five windows have holes and broken glass.

"It's impacting our budget," Robbins said. From an outreach program that gives food baskets each month to a neighborhood gathering to give people good meals,

Robbins said money needs to stop going to these repairs.

"This is not a game," Robbins said. "You're actually causing harm to a lot of people."

Robbins said he plans to prosecute the vandals to the full extent of the law once they are caught.