Saline County residents are looking to increase the size of it's county commission.

For the past few months, they have been collecting signatures to increase the size of the county commission from three to five.

The current commission has made a number of controversial decisions including not taking a $6000 grant that would pay for IUD's in the county.Organizers did say the interest has grown in response to the IUD debate

"Just today I was sitting at a restaurant, happened to have [the petition] along with me, because I thought I might be asked that question and I got five signatures in about twenty minutes," organizer David Norlin said. "Just sitting their eating a lunch."

Organizers said they are nearing 2000 signatures. They only need 1,647 for it to make it on the November ballot. If the commission is increased to five, the county would have to create new districts. The governor would appoint the two additional commissioners.