City leaders want Wichita to grow in many ways.

Clean water, job incentives, better streets and public transit are all on the list. But the changes will cost millions of dollars.

The Wichita city council has been discussing a sales tax package that could pay for some of those items.

In 2013, the Wichita Transit System gave roughly 2 million rides. Many of the riders urged the city for transit funding, because they said city buses are their only way to get around town.

Tom Page, National Federation of the Blind of Kansas, said some of the city's most dependent riders are handicapped or visually impaired.

"We're greatly dependent on city buses. For most of us this is the only way to get to where we need to go," Page said.

Page spoke at Tuesday's city council meeting in favor of allocating funds from a proposed sales tax fund to the city's transit system. Transit leaders say they can sustain their current work load until 2015, but after that they will need additional money.

City Council members will decide which issues to allocate funds from the sales tax plan if it is approved.

Jeff Blubaugh, vice mayor, said he's not sure the struggling transit system is the best place to allocate money from taxes.

"I just don't know if the answer is throwing more money at an issue that keeps having problems," Blubaugh said.

Riders, like Tom Page, said even though the transit system is imperfect, they need it to get around town.

"We depend on the buses and if they go away a lot of people will lose jobs and that's a loss of money for the entire Wichita economy," Page said.