The Coleman Middle School principal said his students aren’t doing too well in math. To combat the issue, the school began Math Academy.  It’s a three week course specializing in just math.

"Right now, we're struggling and we want to make sure that we stop that trend and really kind of reverse it,” Principal Jeff Freund said.

The program is all based on test scores. Freud said the school administration sat down and looked at both reading and math standardized testing scores. He said reading made great marks, but math didn’t.

"We looked back for the last two years,” Freund said. “When we look at reading and math, math tends to be the area that our students struggle the most in."

Those low scores made the school create Math Academy.

Math teacher Michele Peres said, “It’s the foundation for the rest of their lives. I mean everything you do relates to math."

The courses use a computer program that lets students get instant results. The program tells them if they got each question correct as soon as they enter their answer. Peres is there for any questions and to watch them learn.

“It’s so much fun to see the light bulb go off,” Peres said.

Freund said choosing math was obvious.

"Math seemed the most logical place to put our money at and our time,” he said. “It gives us a chance in the summer to kind of snag some kids that we might have missed and slipped through the cracks."

Peres has no problem giving up part of her summer to help the kids.

“I love my kids,” she said.

Freund said the program isn’t only for kids who are struggling. He said it’s helpful for kids who want to take challenging courses. He thinks the program boosts them to succeed in those courses.

It’s not only the kids who are benefiting from the program. Freund said because it’s small and specialized; the school pays fewer teachers and only has to air condition part of the school.