Tabor College students may have had the day out of class, but many turned their snow day into a "Serve Day."

President of Tabor College Dr. Jules Glanzer cancelled classes Wednesday, February 5 but encouraged students, staff and faculty to bundle up, grab a shovel and help dig out their neighbors and friends. Groups of volunteers went door-to-door around Hillsboro, shoveling snow from the driveways of residents unable to do it themselves.

Wednesday's "Serve Day" is similar to an event Glanzer helped organize two years ago when the town was covered in snow. The effort to serve Hillsboro, Glanzer said, is an important part of their mission.

"Our mission is to serve others and help people in need," said Glanzer. "The Hillsboro community needs us to shovel snow for them, so that's exactly what we're going to do."

Despite the bitter cold, about 100 students, staff and faculty turned out to help shovel snow.

"We went to one lady's house and she was so excited, she was just like 'thank you so much, you're such a blessing,'" said Tabor College Sophomore Allie Jost. "So, it was just cool to see their faces."

Officials with Tabor College said they plan for students to go back to class Thursday.