A vote by Wichita's City Council means concealed carry license holders will have access to more public buildings. Starting January 1st weapons will be allowed in places like libraries, some rec centers, City Arts and the Wichita Art Museum.

But City Hall, the airport, police sub-stations and the Wichita Housing Authority buildings will remain off limits.

Signs outside Wichita's Downtown Central Library and other city-owned buildings will be coming down after a vote by city council members.

It was a contentious debate with strong opinions on both sides. In the end, the majority of city council members voted to open up more city-owned buildings to concealed carry permit holders to avoid added costs and lawsuits.

"Because of the way the state law was written, it was going to hold us liable if anything happened if we didn't provide adequate security," Council member James Clendenin said.

Buildings like City Hall already have the necessary security in place. That's why it, airport buildings and police sub-stations will keep the signs up.

"It does pain me, weapons pain me as a whole," said Council member Lavonta Williams.

Williams and Janet Miller voted against the plan. They wanted to keep weapons out of places where children gather.

"Yes they have a right to protect themselves," Council member Miller said. "But chances are greater that they are going to hit something that they don't intend to."

People who visit the library had mixed reviews about the change.

"It seems those who have access illegally will get it and a rightful citizen that is trying to protect themselves doesn't, its a difficult call," said Wichitan Mary Kay Larson.

"It does make me feel more safe," said Wichitan Katherine Boyd. "The signs have always been there, so you just don't see it after a while. I think it will be fine."