Congress will hear tonight from some of those who have "blown a whistle" on problems in the VA medical system.

The House Committee on Veterans' Affairs holds a hearing Tuesday evening.

Members say employees who have spoken out about problems with VA facilities around the country have been punished or even fired.

One government agency says it is currently investigating more than 50 whistle blower complaints about the VA.

Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kansas, is on the VA committee.

He says a lot of brave people have come forward to outline failures in the system.

"As a result they faced reprisals from the very administrative officials that are supposed to be looking out for veterans," Huelskamp said. "So the initial testimony I've had a chance to look at is shocking. It's a shame, it's an atrocious failure when the system attacks the whistle blowers rather than the incompetence that has harmed many many veterans."

Huelskamp tells us his office has been contacted by VA workers in Kansas, but they have remained anonymous because they are so afraid of repercussions.