Where do I send a letter to KWCH 12?

2815 E. 37th Street North
Wichita, KS 67219

What is the main phone number?

(316) 838-1212 or (888) K12-NEWS

How do I contact the newsroom?

call: (316) 831-6130
email: news@kwch.com

How do I contact a specific reporter?

Each reporter's email address can be found on their biography by clicking here.

How do I reach a specific department?

Send a Tip or Idea to News

Send an Email To Promotions

Questions or Concerns? Email Feedback

Send an Email to Sales

Questions About Programming
Laverne Goering: programming@kwch.com

How do I request coverage of a specific event?

call: (316) 831-6130
Click Here To Send an Email to News

NOTE: Contacting Eyewitness News does not guarantee coverage of your event. 

How do I send in photos of severe weather?

Click Here To Send An Email With Your StormShots

Upload Photos and Videos to the StormShots Website

How do I announce non-school weather closings?

call: (316) 831-6130
email: news@kwch.com 

How do I sign up for a tour of the station?

Tours are arranged by Erika Schlup. You can reach her by email (promotions@kwch.com).

How do I get a birthday on Eyewitness News This Morning?

Click Here To Send An Email To Birthdays

 How do I contact CBS?

Viewer Hotline: (212) 975-3247

Click Here to Visit the Feedback Forum


How do I contact Catch It Kansas and CatchItKansas.com?

Click Here to Send a Story Idea to Catch It Kansas

Click Here to Send a Score to Catch It Kansas

Click Here to Give Feedback to Catch It Kansas

How do I take advantage of FetchToto.com?
email: sales@kwch.com

How do I contact KDCU?

Marcus Wilkerson
Director of Sales
2815 E. 37th Street North
Wichita, KS 67219
email: sales@kwch.com

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