CHASE, Kan. -

A store owner who says she operates just to provide local jobs in her small Kansas town is asking for your help finding two men who broke into her store.

"When you have something like this happen, it ultimately makes it more difficult to provide those kind of things for the smaller communities," said Tina Kelso, who owns Kat's Korner in Chase, Kansas.

She's turning to social media to get the word out, hoping someone recognizes the two men in the surveillance video and can provide the information that will get them arrested and convicted.

She says they cost her thousands of dollars when they broke into her convenience store.
"It was very discouraging, very discouraging," Kelso said.

Days later the damage from the break-in is still obvious at Kat's Korner.

Kelso points to gutters ripped from the side of the building.

"They apparently thought the guttering looked a little more stable then it was and tried to scale that first," she said.

She says the break-in happened around 3:15 Friday morning. After trying several ways to get inside, she says the thieves finally managed to get in through the front door "by throwing a cement block in through the front door window."

Once inside the surveillance video shows the two men rushing to the refrigerator to grab beer, as well as snacks and cigarettes, then running away with $1200 worth of goods. That's not counting the physical damage done to the store during the break-in.

"A loss like this does, in the end, come out of pocket," said Kelso. She said she doesn't run the store for money, but as a community service. She said it creates a place for neighbors to hang-out and provides local jobs.

"It's not a profit source," she said. "It literally sustains itself."

She's hoping the community she's helped out for the last four years will now help her catch the criminals. And she's using social media to get the word out.

"Getting that out on YouTube, Facebook," she said. "And we do have a lot of the patrons who come to the store on a daily or weekly basis that are sharing that with their friends."

And Kelso's offering a $1000 cash reward for anyone who provides information that leads to the arrest and conviction of both men seen in the surveillance video. If you know anything she asks you to call the Rice County Sheriff's Office at 620-257-2363.