A man and woman accused of killing a 3-year-old girl have officially been charged with her murder.

Monica Krueger and Evan Schuessler appeared in court Monday afternoon. Both were charged with first-degree, felony murder in the death of Emma Krueger.

The three-year-old was rushed to the hospital last Monday with bruises to her body and swelling on her brain, and died Wednesday evening.

Krueger and Schuessler were a couple. Emma was Krueger's daughter. Police say the three had been living together in an apartment.

When Schuessler made his appearance, he told Judge Kisner he needed more information.

"Do you want me to read the complaint information and go over with you?" asked Kisner. "If you could break it down and explain it a little bit better, that would help me out," Schuessler said.

Kisner told Schuessler the charges accuse him of committing murder sometime between May 23rd and June 4th.

"They allege on that date that you unlawfully killed another human being, that is Emma J. Krueger, while in the commission of or intent to commit an inherently dangerous felony," Kisner said. "The specific felony that they site is abuse of a child."

Emma died June 4, but Wichita Police believe she was being abused for more than a month prior to her death.

Kisner set Krueger and Schuessler's bonds at $150,000 each. Schuessler questioned the change from last week.

"The other day, my bond was set at $100,000 your honor," Schuessler said.

"It's been reviewed and the bond is now set at $150,000 in the case," Kisner said.

Their preliminary hearing will be held on June 24 at 9 a.m.