There are a lot of great stories that come out of the Wichita River Festival, including the story of Bruce and Cindy Barrett of Jewell, Kansas.

The couple wed in 1994 at the Sedgwick County Courthouse. The wedding party consisted of Bruce's brother and his brother's wife and Cindy's friend and her husband. Cindy's sons were the video crew. A second marriage for both, the couple wanted to keep the nuptials small and simple.

But Bruce says courthouse staff had something different in mind.

"The whole float thing was a whim by the lady working the desk at the courthouse. She popped off a remark about getting married on the float, and we said, '"Sure! Why not?'"

With a spur of the moment decision, Bruce and Cindy were married aboard the "Good Ship Lollipop" float at the start of the Sundown Parade.

"The float 'staff' made two lines with their 'lollipops' and crossed them overhead (like they do with swords at fancy weddings) for us to walk through going to the float and upon exiting the float. That was awesome (and hilarious) for all of us there!" Says Bruce.

Bruce says it was day he will never forget.

"The good folks at the courthouse made that most memorable for us."

Bruce says he and Cindy couldn't make it to Riverfest to celebrate their 20th anniversary due to prior family commitments.