A crash killed a Wichita woman just minutes after the police called off a chase early Sunday morning. Her husband is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The accident happened when police say the van they'd been chasing ran a stop sign at 24th and Arkansas.

The whole thing happened in a matter of about five minutes, from the time the case began to when the crash happened. Maria Martinez and her husband Sergio were driving south along Arkansas when the van came right past a stop sign and plowed into the driver's side of her car.

It started when an off-duty police officer saw a disturbance in a parking lot on the edge of Old Town. Officers say they discovered a man, who was wanted on several charges, getting into a van. His charges included a unsolved homicide from 2007.

Officer approached the van, and the driver refused to stop.

That was at 1:59 a.m. Sunday. Less than a minute later, officer say they turned on their lights and sirens. When the chase started, the van was moving about 40 mph. A few blocks later, its speed had increased to 60 to 70.

At 2:02 a.m., police called off the chase. Around 17th and Broadway, a supervisor terminated the chase due to the speeds of the vehicle.

A mile and a half down the road, officers in a helicopter saw what they first thought was the van spinning out. It wasn't until officers got there that they observed the second vehicle, driven by Martinez, involved in the collision.

Police say when they first started chasing the van, they believed there were four people inside, including the man they were looking for. By the time officer arrived to the scene, only two people were getting out of the van, neither of whom was the suspect. They do not know who the driver was.