It's not everyday you see a pink combine running up and down the fields.

"It's an eye catcher, you know everyone is like why did you paint that pink?" Clarence Patmon said.

He works on the "Pihl Farm" and is considered part of the family. He's the one that came up with "Cut For A Cure" to honor friends and family who have battled breast cancer.

"It just got to me, it made me feel like we should all do something to help because it's so close to our families and if it doesn't happen to us it will happen to someone we love very much,"Patmon said.

Sue Pihl is also part of the family, and has been cancer free for seven years.

"That one Christmas I was like, 'oh you know mine have always been fine,' and I was so busy I thought, 'oh maybe I won't go in this year,' but that little voice in my head said 'no, you go in,'" she said. "That was the year I was diagnosed with cancer."

They are a family that knows how hard it is, and wants to give other women a fighting chance to beat it, too. Patmon says it was easy to get started because the whole family was on board. The combine will be cutting eight rows of corn to give to local charities.

"When you can think of an idea to help them out, especially when women who do not have the income to get mammograms and treatment, it just does your heart good to know you are helping someone out," Pihl said.

Proceeds will go to the Tammy Walker Foundation in Salina and also to "Go Pink" in Lindsborg.

"I'll tell ya, with my sister in-law behind this it's going to grow into something really big,"Pihl said.

Four other farms in the area have already asked the Pihl family to come and cut rows of their corn so they can donate to the cause.