A decision whether to add west Wichita residences to city water mains, has been delayed.

Homeowners living in a contaminated area near Central and Tyler submitted a petition to seek improvements to waterlines. The area was contaminated after health officials found a toxic chemical in the groundwater earlier this year.

KDHE believes the former Four Seasons Dry Cleaner on West Central caused the contamination. The chemical found in the well water, tetrachloroethylene, is used for dry cleaning and metal degreasing.

The homeowners asked the district advisory board for improvements to the city water supply, but any decision on the petition won't happen for a couple of months.

Residents told Eyewitness News they want to weigh other options on how to pay for the changes. The homeowners will have to pay for a sizeable amount of the project, but the Kansas Department of Health and Environment will pay for a majority of the costs for others living in higher concentrated areas.