The mother of a west Wichita daycare provider says she has no doubt how her daughter is feeling after a lawn mower accident that critically injured a toddler.

“Devastated. What happened…it would be the same as if it happened to her own child, says Jean Snapp.

Snapp is the mother of Christy Hunt who was booked into the Sedgwick County jail Thursday afternoon on suspicion of one count of aggravated endangering a child.  She has not been formally charged.

Police say Hunt was watching five young children who were playing in the yard as she was mowing.  Somehow, police say, an 18-month-old girl in her care was hit by the mower. She suffered severe injuries to her leg.

Hunt’s parents say kids have been part of her life for a long time.

“Even at this moment I would not hesitate to recommend her as someone's childcare provider,” says Snapp.

We have been in contact with the child's family, they tell us the child is being moved to the children's hospital in Kansas City for treatment.

Because the accident happened at a licensed day care home, both the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the department of children and families are involved in the investigation.

The daycare license has been suspended.