Thirty million gallons of sewage makes its presence known every day in the area of South 57th Street and Hydraulic.

"Some days are really horrendous!" neighbor Vicki Seavey says.

Wichita's largest waste water treatment plant is just yards away from two neighborhoods.  For people who live there, there's no getting around the smell.

"Keep your windows closed," Michael Ruiz says.  "If you open up the door it just fills up the house with that stench."

The city has been trying for years to combat the odor, which is caused by hydrogen sulfide gas.  But now, the public works department is planning to take a new approach that could help people breathe a little easier.

"That would be nice if they would!" Seavey adds.

Officials plan to add a natural compound to untreated sewage in nearly 60 locations along the sewer network.  By the time it leaves the pipes and arrives at the treatment plant, officials hope there won't be the gas buildup that stinks up the area.

The city says it won't cost any more than what it's already spending on odor control.  This is just a new strategy that could make life a little more pleasant for people who live in the area.

If approved by the city council, work to install the new system is expected to begin May 1st.