Dillons is closing two stores in Wichita this month.

The company said the stores at 13th and Woodlawn and Harry & Broadway will close July 19 because they are "under-performing."

Dillons spokeswoman Sheila Lowry said around 100 employees will be affected by the move. She said the company will work with them to find other employment opportunities at other Dillons or Kwik Shop locations.

Lowry said she does not expect any layoffs.

Shoppers expressed their disappointment and shock Monday when they found out the store was closing.

"I'm totally disappointed. I'm in shock actually. It's hard for me to believe considering these stores have been here for years.," said Stacy King who shops at the Dillons on 13th and Woodlawn.

She said it's a convenient store for people who live in the area. When people come home from work, she said they like to stop by Dillons for food for dinner.

"Now where are you going to go? You're tired, you're getting off work you don't want to have to go across town to get food for dinner. It's crazy," King said.

Lowry said shoppers have other bigger and newer Dillons options in Wichita. She said there are 26 locations in the city, four of them being marketplaces. She said the company is putting millions of dollars into renovating and expanding many of it's locations.

The Dillons on Broadway and Harry has some nearby businesses worried. Kelsey Kilburn works at Broadway Pharmacy and said many of the pharmacy's customers come from Dillons. She said since the Dillons nearby didn't have a pharmacy, people would often come to Broadway Pharmacy to buy their medications. She said the store brought a lot of traffic and the pharmacy is worried.

"A lot of people around here walk. So instead of walking here and then walking to Walmart for their food, they might just end up going there and getting their pharmacy supplies there too," Kilburn said. "Yeah, we're worried about it."

Both stores that are closing are leased buildings according to Lowry. She said the company does own some Dillons buildings, but leases many too. So when the two stores close on July 19, the buildings will be the responsibility of the landlords.