When we caught up with the Neufeld family in Hesston, the siblings and their cousin were enjoying the final days of summer.  But Mom Angela is already thinking about some cool treats for after-school snack time.  We gave Angela another idea for snack time--the "Chill Factory."  But she has to see if it works first.

The commercial says you just "grab a frozen ‘Chill Factory Slushy Maker’ cup from the freezer, pour in your favorite chilled drink, put on the lid and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze."

We found the "Chill Factory Slushy Maker" for $13.55.  That does not include shipping and handling.

Angela pulls out a frozen "Chill Factory" cup out of the freezer.  The instructions say to fill it with a chilled drink.  Angela picks pop.  After screwing on the lid, she starts squeezing.

"It kind of fills like an icy,” Angela said.

The instructions say it should take about a minute for the liquid to turn into slush.

"It looks like a slushy when you push it all the way to the top,” Angela said.

Angela's taste testers are eager to try.

"Taste really good, like a slushy," one of the kids said.

Since the "Chill Factory" says it works with dairy products, Angela fills another cup with milk.  But the milk has to sit inside the cup in the freezer for four minutes, before the slushy squeezing can begin.

Now, it's the kids' turn.  After a few leaks because of an unsecured top, the kids say their milk slushy looks like cottage cheese.  The milk might not be their slushy of choice.  But that doesn't sour mom's opinion.

Does it work?

"It works if you're not a slushy fanatic... I would say yes, it works,” Angela said.

We used two "Chill Factory" cups for our testing.  Angela noticed you can't re-use the cup immediately after you made a slushy.  It will need to be re-frozen.

As for cleaning, the makers say you can't put it in the dishwasher... or microwave... for that matter.  Only hand wash it.