Inside this home, self-expression is encouraged. Every mom knows there's a consequence to creativity-- But Crayola says it doesn't have to be messy. 

We asked Jennifer Urban, her kids and their friends to help us test Crayola's Dry Erase Crayons.  We bought two sets complete with crayons and boards online for $21.10. 

That does not include shipping and handling.

Our boys and girls, ranging in age from four to ten, turn into instant artists.

"Yeah, it's pretty easy," our crowd said.

All of them love drawing on the black and white boards.

"If you mess up, you can just take it off.  With crayons, when you do it, you're done with it," one of the boys said.

When it comes to erasing, they use a cloth to clean-up.

"If you press really hard on it, it will come right off," another tester said.

But does it come off on their clothes?

"No.  Just pieces, but you can wipe that off," an older boy said.

And, what about their hands?

"And it just wipes off," our testers said.

Unlike markers, the group says there's no smell.  And when it's time to sharpen their crayons, they use the built-in sharpener.

Does it work?

"Yes," they all said.

Now, it's mom's turn.

"I think it seems like a great thing for the car," Jennifer said.

Does it work?

"Yes it does," Jennifer said.

One of our younger testers rubbed more crayon off on his shirt.  But his mom said it washed out.