SALINA, Kan. -

A Saline County Commissioner rejects thousands of dollars for contraceptives he believes are a form of abortion. Now, doctors and nurses in the county are outraged. The commission says it will reconsider its decision next week, but the most outspoken commissioner says he will not change his vote.

FactFinder 12 Investigator Lauren Seabrook talked with Commissioner John Price, who said he did not have time to go on camera Wednesday, but says he feels signing his name to money that pays for intrauterine devices, or IUDs, is like killing babies.

Two doctors in town and several nurses spoke at the commission meeting Tuesday night, saying the birth control product is not abortive and that Commissioner Price needs to treat his citizens better.

They sourced behavior from Price including this comment from last week's meeting. "That's the kind of stupid things people like you want to bring out. Just take them and go somewhere else with them. I don't want to hear it," said Price.

Some people in Saline County think Price does not want to hear much of anything from citizens. "Your decisions are not met with favor by the people. You need to make more time when you make your decisions," said one person at last week's meeting.

"You're talking about nitty gritty baby things," responded Price. "You're talking about me not saying God on this issue. You got after me because I said God. We salute the flag and say in God we trust and you didn't like that. That is not the issue. If that's your issue, you need to go leave America and go where they don't have God."

A frustrated Dr. Trent Davis says he could not believe what he was hearing. "I just thought that was a blatant disregard for the first amendment right to religious beliefs," said Davis.

Davis feels Price is a bully and voiced that concern at Tuesday night's meeting. "The way business was conducted trounced common decency and the U.S. constitution through the mud," said Davis.

Last week, the commission turned down more than $6,000 from the state to get IUDs. That vote came after Price compared them to murder. "I'm not going to stand before my God and he's going to point his finger and say you aborted those kids with your money," said Price. "I'm not going to be in that position, so I say no."

"Medical science from the manufacturer of the IUD and various physicians and scientists would argue against that," said Davis.

Commissioner Price tells FactFinder 12 he feels like he is the one being bullied for voicing his opinion. Dr. Davis says as a commissioner, Price has a responsibility to listen to the people of his community. "There's just been a blatant disregard for the rights and the esteem of employees and citizens alike," said Davis. "The position is just too high profile to act like they're on a junior high playground."

Dr. Davis feels this is a perfect example of why there should be five commissioners on the board, rather than three. A petition to change that is currently circulating in Saline County. With enough signatures, it will be put to a public vote in November.

Again, the Saline County Commission will re-consider its decision about the IUD grant money at next Tuesday's meeting. Although, Commissioner Price says nothing will change his mind about the devices.