Trevadawn Pauley dreamed of becoming a mom. She was two months away from giving birth to a little girl when the car she was riding in was hit head-on in a crash.

Doctors couldn't save Pauley, but before she died they delivered her little girl. The baby was born two months premature and is in critical condition at Wesley Hospital.

Dr. Jackson Sobbing is an OBGYN in Wichita. Sobbing didn't treat Pauley but says her daughter's survival defies the odds.

"It's a rather remarkable turn of events that at seven months and after a tragic car accident  that mom could support the baby long enough to get it here," Sobbing said.

Sobbing says the team at Wesley deserves credit, but so does the 21-year-old expecting mom.

"Women have a strength that amazes me. The fact that she held on and her body supported that baby is no surprise when you think about a mother's love," Sobbing said.

Doctors and friends of the family say the little girl still has a long way to go. Because she was born two months early her lungs aren't developed and she can't breathe on her own.

"Unfortunately that little girl is not out of the woods. Critical condition is a scary place to be," Sobbing said.

Friends and family of Trevadawn will hold a vigil Friday night at the scene of the crash.