'Tis the season for making dreams and wishes come true.

A Wichita business teams up with a local domestic violence shelter to give one woman a life changing holiday gift.

Just like a car that gets damaged, people's lives sometimes need fixing.  For ten years, the team at Auto Craft Collision Repair has been doing just that.

With help from Farmers Insurance and other local businesses, the team refurbished a once hail totaled Ford Taurus, added a bow and turned it into a sight for LaTanya Townsend's sore eyes.

"It's amazing," said Townsend.  "This is just the beginning of what God is able to do for anybody."

Townsend's life has been on the mend for a year.  Domestic violence forced this mom and her four youngest children into the shelter at Harbor House.  And without a car just getting around town has been a chore.  She's been walking her kids to school in the bitter winter cold.

"I can't wait to talk to LaTanya a year from now and find out what she's doing.  I guarantee you her life is going to be better," said Jaden Randle of Auto Craft.

Townsend is extremely thankful and had one message to leave for other victims of domestic violence at Harbor House. 

"If God can do it for me he can do it for you all too," she said