Parents looking for information about potential colleges, tuition and scholarships can get it for free, but a Wichita family paid hundreds of dollars for the same information.

The school district said, it wasn't a scam.

Monica Soto and her son attended an informational meeting at a Wichita hotel a few months ago. They were just looking for information about his future.

"We thought it would benefit our son," Soto said.

But they left with a two-year contract with College Admission Assistance, and paid nearly $2,000.

"We did think it was a lot of money, but then thinking about how college would help our children get ahead," she said.

The family talked to an employee with the Wichita school district the following day. The district said they could get the information for free.

"It's really important that parents are always asking, always involved with programs available at their schools," said Claudia East, family and school liaison.

Luckily for the Soto's, East read the contract and told the Soto's they still had time to cancel the contract, and get their money back.

College Admission Assistance said it charges for the services because they are available for students 24-hours per day, online. A spokesperson said school districts don't always have enough time to counsel students.

East reminds parents to call the school first if they have questions, before signing a contract.