New proof dry conditions in Kansas are getting worse. The latest drought map for the state shows extreme conditions have spread. Plus for the first time this year, there are areas of exceptional drought in South Kansas.

"When it is turning brown like that, it is in the process of dying," said Sedgwick County Farmer Kent Winter.

Winter's wheat isn't looking good this spring. His crop is short, and drying out fast due to a lack of moisture.

"Right now the prospects on this field are not very good at all without any rain," Winter said.

Adding insult to injury, the little rain situation is combined with above normal temperatures. Something we don't usually see around the state in early May.

"When you put that kind of heat on wheat crop at this stage of the game, with no moisture to fall back on in the soil, it is sort of like shooting the wounded," Winter added.

He knows producers out West have had it worse with the drought, but those conditions are now hitting closer to his home.

"To see that situation moving East now, it is disheartening," Winter said.

Without more rain soon, Winter worries about the crops he plans to plant next because nothing will grow if his top soil is too dry.