Kansas has seen more earthquake activity than ever before, leaving us with the question, why?

Doug Davis, petroleum geologist, said Kansans are used to tornadoes and hail storms, but not earthquakes.

"It makes people worried," he said.

He studies things like earthquakes and oil and gas. Over the past year, many areas of Kansas have experienced some shaking.

"We don't have many earthquakes in the center part of the United States," he said. "We are in the stable platform as it's called, and yet we still have earthquakes. "

Earthquakes are happening so frequently in parts of Kansas, so Governor Sam Brownback created a task force last year to specifically research and answer these types of questions.

Ryan Hoffman is one of the three members on the task force. He said they have been working with the Kansas Geological Survey and The Department of Health and Environment to get answers. He said they still don’t know why it’s happening.

Davis agrees, and says experts won’t be able to pinpoint an exact cause until more research is done.

"It should be looked at, cause we don't want to find out this is a preclude to something else, that something could be bad," Davis said.

But Davis said there really isn't anything that can be done.

"It's just going to happen," Davis said. "The dynamic earth we live on is going to do this all the time."