While Kansas isn't considered an earthquake prone state, they can happen here. Only one major fault line runs through the state - the Humboldt Fault line. It starts near Omaha stretches down to Oklahoma City. Some Kansas cities that sit along that line include Manhattan and El Dorado.

The Kansas Geological Survey says the risk of a major quake in Kansas is slight. But if there was activity, most of it would occur along the Humboldt Fault, which makes up the eastern edge of a buried mountain range called Nemaha Ridge.

A geologist at the University of Kansas says a significant earthquake can happen along the Humboldt Fault every 100 to 200 years. The the last strong one happened back in 1867. It was classified as a five point one quake on the Richter scale.

Most of the earthquakes reported in Kansas over the years have been micro-earthquakes. Those are the ones we cannot feel.