The El Dorado Police Department is searching for possible victims after they arrest a man they believe was taking videos up women's skirts.

Police believe most of the incidents happened at Dillons, Walmart and the Goodwill stores in El Dorado.

"From the videos it looks like he would pretend to drop something or look at something on a lower shelf and then take the video there," said Detective Maggie Shreiber. "There were several where maybe the woman bumped into him and he’d say 'Excuse me. If they remember that and especially if they were wearing a dress or loose fitting shorts, I’d appreciate a call so we can look into it and identify them'"

The man was arrested after a report of a woman trying clothes on at the Goodwill store.

An eyewitness tells KWCH 12 that her friend saw the reflection of a cell phone in the dressing room mirror. She looked out and saw the man, then screamed for someone to help get him. Her friend, who was in the dressing room next to her, says she ran after the man to try and grab his phone. She said he claimed he didn't have any pictures on the phone and flipped through them quickly. A manager called the man's tag number into police, gave officers a description of the man, and he was arrested a week later after police got enough evidence against him.

James Pugh, 52, was booked on felony breech of privacy charges.

"Most of the videos are only a few seconds long so a few seconds over a handful of times you can add up several people," said Detective Shreiber. "We’ve been able to identify some of the victims but there are still about 15-20 videos where we don’t have a victims face and we’re not able to identify them"

The El Dorado Police Department has identified four women in connection to the case, but believe there may be more victims. Anyone who questioned suspicious behavior at the above locations, or recognize the man, are asked to call El Dorado Police.