Kansas prepares for a weekend of severe weather.

"Maybe some larger hail up to golf ball sized, with a minimal tornado threat," said Ken Cook with the National Weather Service during a conference call with emergency personnel across the south-central part of the state.

While many of the emergency management directors Eyewitness News spoke with Friday said they've been getting ready for this storm for the last week, final plans still came down to the briefing over the noon hour. Seventy-eight emergency management directors and other first responders logged in Friday, over the phone and online, to get the latest forecast for this weekend from the National Weather Service.

"We called in our emergency operation partners," said Randy Duncan, Sedgwick County Emergency Management Director, "And they sat in the facility here and watched the information on the display screens and listened to the National Weather Service give their analysis."

It's the first time they've gone through this routine this year as they face the possibility of severe weather. But for many, like Duncan, it's a familiar routine with a well-planned response for the moment severe weather watches are ordered.

"If it is, we'll begin looking at sending out our spotters, so that they will be able to relay reports not only to us but to the National Weather Service," said Duncan.

All to make sure you have the information you need to stay safe this weekend and throughout severe weather season.

"And then our goal becomes making sure that the right information gets to the right place so that intelligent decisions can be made about hazards or disasters or emergencies," said Duncan.

"And we'll hopefully get through the weekend without much damage," said Cook as he ended the conference call.