Those using food stamps in a nearby state may not be able to use them to purchase energy drinks anymore. 

A lawmaker in Missouri is trying to ban the use of SNAP benefits -- commonly known as food stamps -- to purchase energy drinks. 

The bill would keep people from using food stamps to purchase any beverage with at least 65 milligrams of caffeine per eight fluid ounces that is advertised as providing metabolic stimulation or increase in mental or physical energy. 

Those in Missouri have mixed opinions on the bill. 

Edward Bowman, a grocery shopper, agrees with the changes.

"I'd like to see them stop selling energy drinks completely, especially to the young people," Bowman said.

Ann Hill, who volunteers at a food pantry, said she does not see a problem with someone using their food stamps to buy the beverage.

"I'm kind of the person who believes if you get food stamps, get whatever you need," Hill said. "If they need an energy drink, then they should be able to go ahead and buy an energy drink."