MEDFORD, Oklahoma -

The 4.3 earthquake felt across Kansas Monday originated in Medford, Oklahoma. The epicenter was in Medword which is a town that’s had tons of earthquakes in 2014. CNN reported back in June Oklahoma had more earthquakes than California this year.

Kathy Miller lives several miles outside of Medford in Grant County and said earthquakes in Oklahoma are nothing new.

“We never go a week without an earthquake,” Miller said.

She said sometimes she’ll feel one and her neighbor down the road won’t, or vice versa. She said the area gets several a week, most of which they don’t hear or feel. But the one Monday evening, she said she definitely felt.

"I was sitting here just laying here on the sofa and all of a sudden it started off as a rattle. You could hear the boom and you could hear the rumbling more than I've ever felt or heard before,” Miller said. “I'm just looking around and thinking oh, it's another earthquake."

She said usually when her and her husband hear or feel something like an earthquake, it’s not a big deal and they just look at each other or say “earthquake” out loud. Miller said in Grant County, the earthquake Monday night felt like one of longest she’s experienced.

“I’m going to say maybe about 20 seconds,” she said. Miller said she couldn’t believe it just kept on going. Every time she thought it was dying down, she said it came back and rumbled. She said her boss described it as a freight train in the distance.

Unlike other earthquakes she’s felt before, the one Monday night didn’t break or damage anything. She said part of her floor is splitting in one area of her home and she has a crack under a window that’s not on a seam in the garage. Miller said she can’t prove that damage came from earthquakes, but she thinks it did.

Back into downtown Medford where the epicenter was, people said they really didn’t feel anything.

Jim Kilian said, “I have felt some in the past but I didn't feel one last night."

Twilladean Cink said, “No, didn't feel it last night but I heard the boom."

Whether people of Medford felt this most recent earthquake, people there said earthquakes are just a part of life.