The mid-summer rain, combined with short days and cool nights, provided the perfect mixture for a vivid variety of fall colors in Kansas.

Ironically in their dying days, leaves come alive. "Fall in College Hill is magic," said Kurt Clonts.

As trees in Kansas change with the season, they share their colors with the world around them. Some are speckled and others are solid, but every leaf is unique. "I just feel like I'm driving through a botanical garden when I drive down Douglas or Central. The reds, the oranges, the yellows. I especially love them against the clear blue sky," said Brenda Lawton.

"Usually I like the reds, but this year the elm trees are just blazing yellow. Like a pear yellow and they're incredible," said Clonts.

More incredible than many say they have ever seen in Wichita. "We've had all the stars aline. The weather's been just right, just the right amount of rain and cool nights and it seems like it's been a lot more colorful this year," said Clonts.

"We've done a lot of leaf collecting projects at our house and I think we've got a greater variety of color," said Lawton.

It is a proud display of beauty, rustling through the streets of Wichita, that some believe is whispering gratitude for a healthy life. "If the trees could talk they would say I would like more years like the past year," said Celia Gorlich.

But as the year comes to an end, the wind shares the tree's friends with the ground. It leaves the branches bare and admirers waiting for the next time the elements of nature unite. "That's the beauty of the seasons. We have to enjoy the fall when it's fall, the winter when it's winter, and I'll be ready for the flowers when it's spring," said Lawton.