Update: Adrianna's grandmother contacted Eyewitness News and said the Kansas City-based company that owns Yogurtini is sending the family a check.   Kim Maguire says the owner was extremely apologetic and embarrassed about the incident. 

He's cutting the family a check for 20% of the store's sales from the entire weekend.   Maguire says the money will cover two trips to Wichita for Adriana's treatment.


Original coverage:

Three-year-old Adriana Maguire was diagnosed with leukemia earlier this year. She and her mother travel to Wichita from their home in Abilene often for treatment. Adriana's condition is painful but it is also expensive. Her family has organized several fundraisers to help make the payments, but the last fundraiser left them feeling cheated.

The Maguires teamed up with Yogurtini, a yogurt shop in Salina, to host an event for Adriana. Any customer who said they were at Yogurtini to support Adriana would have a portion of their sale go to her fund. Adriana's grandmother, Kim Maguire, says many of her friends and family members bought yogurt to support Adriana but management at Yogurtini says only one person showed up for the event.

"I said there is no way, because I went with my husband and parents on Sunday. So right there you have four people. The manager told me he had no record of that purchase. I mean what do you say to something like that," Kim said.

Kim says if management didn't count her purchase she wondered how many others they missed so she logged on to Facebook to ask her friends if they went.

"I'd say more than 20 people replied and said yes, we went and we said we're here for Adriana," Kim said.

The owner of Yogurtini says he plans on calling the family Monday and wants to "make things right."

The family has set up a fund for anyone wanting to help donate:

Love for Adrianna

Great Plains Federal Credit Union

504 N Buckeye Avenue

Abilene, KS 67410