The parents of a Dickinson County girl killed in a farming accident last October are filing a lawsuit against a combine manufacturer and a farm equipment dealer.

Five-year-old Brooklyn Debenham was killed while riding in a combine with her father. The Debenhams say the glass shattered while the father and daughter were harvesting soybeans in the family field. Brooklyn fell through the opening in the front of the machine.

Attorneys for her parents say they are suing AGCO out of Hesston and Lang Diesel in Hays regarding the deadly accident.

The major complaint filed surrounds the type of windshield on the combine and how it was secured to the vehicle.

Attorneys for the Debenhams say AGCO had decided to use "laminate" glass instead of "tempered" but used up a surplus of "tempered windshields before implementing the switch. One of the tempered windshields made it on the Debenhams combine.

The lawsuit states tempered glass shatters into tiny pieces, which created a large hole in the windshield where Brooklyn Debenham fell. The lawsuit contends laminated glass doesn't shatter and would have likely stayed intact.

The lawsuit says Lang Diesel sold a damaged combine, and it was just a matter of time before the windshield fell apart.

An attorney for AGCO says "his heart goes out to the Debenhams" but he added that AGCO machinery goes through rigorous industry standards and he believes a jury won't find his client at fault.