You can find American flags peppered throughout many cemeteries on Memorial Day weekend, marking the graves of our fallen military heroes. But one area family has taken it upon themselves to add their own personal touch to many of those graves.

Wichita resident Terry Johnston has several family members buried at Calvary Cemetery in Wichita. She, her husband, and her daughter were out Saturday morning to pay their respects.

"Right now, we're visiting my mom and my aunt, and then we'll go around the corner to my cousin who served in the military, in the army, and his dad," she said.

But this family doesn't come empty handed. In a long-standing family tradition, the family always brings extra flowers to place on a number of other graves that might not otherwise have any visitors.

"We come out and you see the flags, you see the graves that aren't visited," said Tommy Poley, Terry's daughter. "They gave their life for us. I always try to have at least 100 extra flowers each year to put on those graves that nobody visits."

Tommi said the tradition began with her grandmother and it's one their family continues to observe every year - rain or shine.

"She had a heart as big as Texas and she hated to see anybody left out of anything," said Tommi. "She said it's important to remember that this was a person and she'd place a little flower."

"If it was pouring down rain, we'd still be here," added Terry. "We have been."

Even though each little flower costs only about one dollar, it's the small gestures of respect and honor, Tommi said, that mean so much.

"That's not a whole bunch for anybody to be sacrificing," said Tommi. "Even if you just went and got five or ten and just came out, we could fill this whole cemetery with flowers."