There were 34 people injured after an EF-2 tornado hit Baxter Springs Sunday night. One family was able to stay safe by reaching shelter only moments before the tornado hit.

Amanda Ball said they were able to watch the twister from a small window in their basement.

"I seen the debris cloud, I seen our fence go over but I didn't really hear anything," Ball said.

The cleanup is just beginning but half of Balls home is a total loss. The rebuilding process will be a long one. Crews are already assessing damage to each home and determining if they will qualify for federal aid.

Bell said she and her family are just trying to save what they can from the debris.

"It didn't really damage most of the things that are precious to us, our pictures are fine."

Many others took shelter in the right places like Ball. One woman says she wasn't sure if she would survive the tornado.

"I thought, maybe I could make it maybe I can't," Buela Thompson, survivor living in a Senior Living Center said. "Because I've never been in one of these before that's why it was so shocking."

KCTV reports a ceiling caved in only feet away from where Buela took shelter during the storm.

More than one hundred homes were hit. There is now a curfew in place for the town to keep homeowners safe and to stop any potential looting in exposed homes.

Governor Sam Brownback says he is also working to get federal aid for those affected, especially those who are uninsured.