I kicked off my Fed Up Challenge this morning! I'm going sugar-free for ten days meaning, I can't consume products that have 'added' sugar - fruits are acceptable. The Fed Up Challenge was initiated by Katie Couric, the executive producer of the film "Fed Up," that takes an up-close look at sugar in the American diet.  The film bills itself as the "film the food industry doesn't want you to see" because of its no-holds-barred look at what the hidden sugars in foods do to your body.

I will post updates about my ten day journey every morning. Today, I started with eggs, cheddar cheese cubes and shredded chicken. I find protein in the morning keeps me full longer and gives me energy I need to talk for nearly five hours! I'm going to snack on some mango slices after the show but hold off on ordering my vanilla latte or at least buy one that's sugar free. I've stocked up on chicken, whole grain pasta and veggies so I still feel satisfied throughout the day.

I anticipate feeling tired and irritable by day three but only time will tell. I almost reached for some candy on someone's desk today at work, see it's everywhere! And when we're not thinking about it seems to be the time we're most susceptible to eating sugars we really don't need.

I don't think I will give up sugar when the challenge is over but I may rethink my choices next time I'm at the grocery store. If I can get through the first few days I should make the entire week and a half but I need watch myself come the weekend, I often indulge Saturday and Sunday mornings with donuts or French toast.