I find myself using Google a lot in the midst of this Fed Up sugar free challenge. Does (insert food/condiment) have sugar? Sadly, the answer is typically yes. I didn’t realize how much sugar is in ketchup, mustard it is I guess.

I’m not the type of consumer who doesn’t know what I’m eating; that changed two years ago when I started Jenny Craig. I wanted to shed those ten pounds the camera really does add along with some a few extras I picked up being a newlywed; happy really can make you fat. The amount of sodium and sugar in one portion size was all a wake-up call and one I can no longer ignore when shopping at the grocery store.

I’m not having the shakes or even headaches from one day without sugar so I’m taking that as a good sign but sweets is all I think about. That photo of last week's noon show segment is torture. Today, I stopped at Starbucks for a sugar free latte with soy milk (oh joy) but it did hit the spot; I chased it with a banana and I’m pretty satisfied.

One thing I have noticed I have a lot more energy, which seems odd to me because you would think it would be the other way around. My brother went sugar free months ago and says he doesn’t have that ‘crash’ that we tend to all get in the afternoon because his blood sugar isn’t all over the place. He only uses honey as a sweetener and cheats on Sundays when my mom bakes. But he tells me his energy is up. I’m hoping my body reacts the same way because this shift can really do a number on you by Thursday. Don’t get me wrong I’m used to the schedule but it never gets easy.

I’m having a burger for lunch with a whole grain bun, my nutritionist who I’m consulting with approves and I will eat a salad for dinner. Cheers to the next 8 days! And thanks so much for all the positive comments and feedback just on day one!