Well, it happened. It’s day four without sugar and I’m finally starting to see a difference. The changes aren’t dramatic but I feel less, how do I say this nicely, pudgy around the mid-section. All those sugars and carbohydrates can cause you to feel bloated. Giving up sugar or sugar added products effectively limits your carb intake which is probably the reason I feel lighter not that I’ve weighed myself but who doesn’t avoid the scale, right? My energy level is up and while I still take my daily nap I find myself feeling awake longer which is making it tough to fall asleep by 8 o’clock, this morning anchor’s bedtime.

I’m slightly over eggs, this morning I simply had coffee and a banana. I made myself a breakfast sandwich on my break to curb reaching for a muffin.

My friend Brandi sent me the best link this morning called, “12 Surprising Foods with More Sugar than a Krispy Kreme Doughnut” and boy was I surprised! I’m not pointing fingers but there are some brands of yogurt that have as many grams of sugar as two Krispy Kreme donuts and to think I’ve been opting for yogurt all these years. I’m not going to start eating donuts everyday but it’s good to keep in mind, read the label. Donuts get a bad rap. I love donuts but I eat a couple every other month not every day.

Speaking of every day, we talked about an article on the morning show out of Reuters about a study that looks at how breakfast cereals are loaded with too much sugar. Quoting the article it says,” U.S. children are consuming more than 10 pounds of sugar annually if they eat a typical morning bowl of cereal each day, contributing to obesity and other health problems…” and I think most of us grew up eating cereal for breakfast as a kid. Sugar is in just about everything! And I will be the first to say there’s no way I could eliminate it from my diet forever but in the few short days I’ve been doing this challenge I can say my habits will change.

I’m starting to ramble so I will cut to the chase; I feel good and think I could get used to this no sugar thing if I could ‘reward’ myself once a week.