I’m calling myself a weekend warrior because the fact that I made it through an entire weekend without a cupcake or cookie is astonishing! I snacked on a few sugar free candies to tide me over but the ‘Paleo’ strawberry muffins I made were my saving grace. I found them at delightedmamma.com they’re sweetened with coconut oil, honey and fresh berries. The recipe calls for almond flour which is crazy expensive! That’s my one complaint, healthier options are not cheap! Gluten free or chemical free products are outrageous, $9 for almond flour?! If you know of a cheaper price please pass it along. I’ve blogged in the past week that limiting my sugar intake consequently limits my carbs and I think that’s what really makes me grumpy. Ask my husband, I was a little grouchy Saturday afternoon.

I’m not a big soda person; I gave it up years ago because it upset my stomach and let’s be honest I would rather eat my calories than drink them. The Fed Up Challenge encourages people to drink more water. They say this, water has everything you need and nothing you don't. Drinking water with meals and when you are thirsty is one of the healthiest habits you can have. Try adding some sliced lemon or cucumber to make your water more flavorful!

I’m all for water but after a while drinking it makes me feel nauseous.  Can you tell I’m easily grossed out? I can be in love with something one week and never want to eat it again the next. But one thing I never tire of is sparkling water. I drink Topo Chico, Perrier or San Pellegrino; add lemon or lime and you've got a refreshing drink that gives you the carbonation you miss from your sodas.

The Fed Up Challenge also encourages people not to drink diet sodas. They say this, all sweeteners, whether real or artificial sugars, alcohol (beer, wine, and hard liquor), stevia, or other sugar alcohols encourage our taste buds to crave sweet foods, magnifying the need for sugar in the diet. The brain responds in the same way to any sweetener. Thus, drinking diet soda may have similar metabolic effects as drinking regular soda - a very important piece of information to remember when you are facing "fake sugar" temptation.

They have a point but if cutting out sodas or diet sodas altogether sounds extreme, perhaps it is and then you won’t stick with it so attempt moderation or taper off slowly allowing yourself to get used to a life without soda or at least fewer sodas.

For those who care to know, my energy is still way up and that bloat is gone but the cravings are not. I also realized I’m not consuming near enough protein which is probably why I’m always hungry and tired. Eggs, fish, chicken, nuts and cheese are a lot easier to incorporate than I thought. But I will let you in on a little secret; I’m already contemplating what kind of cookie I want to eat come Thursday. I just wonder how it will make me feel.