You can find a bake sale at almost any school throughout the year, but new federal regulations will put an end to selling sweets. It's part of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. This year's phase is called "Smart Snacks for Schools."

The idea is to cut the sugar and fat out of schools, but the Kansas State Board of Education voted Tuesday to allow organizations one day per semester to do fundraisers with food not under the federal regulations. Even with that provision, some school leaders say groups that count on a daily profit will suffer.

Marketing and business students at Wichita North High School sell snack food during lunch.

"The store is run by students pretty much every single day that school is open," Antonio Scaparro said. "All the money we get, all the profit and earnings, are put towards DECA trips."

North High's DECA teacher, Jon Berseth, says the students work hard for that money.

"When you look at travel expenses for these conferences, they're $30,000 to $50,000 a year," Berseth said.

Scaparro works in the store and worries they will not be able to raise enough money without selling snacks. He says the trips and running the register has put him and his classmates ahead of others when applying to college or for a job.

"It would definitely take a huge hit, not only on profits but on what the students learn," Berseth said. "A lot of people learn customer service skills from the store because we interact with different students."

He admits it will be hard to compete with cheese fries and ice cream, but they will have to find a way to get students to like healthier options.

"We're trying to reinvent ourselves and looking for a way to make a 200 calorie healthy burrito or taco that people will like," Berseth said.

Wichita Public Schools Nutrition Services Director Vicki Hoffman says the goal is to make school a place where all choices are healthy.

"They will need to just look at labels very carefully," Hoffman said. "There are products that meet the requirements, but they are not nearly as plentiful as all the things that have been sold in the past."

Other than one day per semester, any food students sell must prove it is healthy on the label. Snack foods can still be sold at concession stands for athletic events in the evenings. Hoffman says the regulations are only enforced from midnight until 30 minutes after school gets out.