In the last four years there have been 2,993 fireworks complaints in Sedgwick County, but only nine citations. In 2013, the county had 879 complaints, but only one citation.

"The problem is people are looking out. They know they are doing something wrong unless the police see them shoot them off they can't do much.  They can't search someone's house…the fire department can't," says Wichita Councilman James Clendenin.

Not only do police have to see it, there are only so many officers and firefighters on the streets.

In 2010, the officials say they started an "education" over "strict enforcement" campaign in the hopes of reducing illegal activity, but surrounding communities sell fireworks that are illegal in Wichita.

Sedgwick County dispatch wants people to call the non-emergency line 290-1011 instead of 911 to make fireworks complaints.  The line will be open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

"If people are tying up those lines with fireworks calls, people with emergencies can't get through," says Laura Meyers with Sedgwick County 911.