TOPEKA, Kan. -

Two ads supporting Governor Sam Brownback are running on your televisions and Eyewitness News is dedicated to helping you make an informed decision at the polls. We checked the ads to see what's fact and what's not.

The first ad we checked was funded by Brownback's campaign.

CLAIM: "We've grown jobs. We've got over 50,000 new private sector jobs."

During Brownback's claim, the number 55,100 flashes on the screen. FactFinder 12 checked with Wichita State University's Center for Economic Development and that number is fact.

CLAIM: "One of the lowest unemployment rates in America."

The number on the screen shows Kansas' unemployment rate as 4.9% and that part is fact. However, that puts our state at number 14 on a list of all the states and Brownback's claim of Kansas being one of the lowest rates in the country is up for your interpretation.

A political action committee called Alliance for Freedom paid for the second ad we checked. It, too, backs Brownback.

CLAIM: "Helped add 680 new educators in Kansas schools."

A graphic on the ad says 281 of those were new special education teachers. According to records we got from the Kansas State Department of Education, that is fact. Those records show 680 new education employees in Brownback's first term, but of those 441 are teachers. The 680 number includes other positions like librarians, counselors, and social workers.

Brownback's critics say hiring teachers is up to individual districts, not the Governor.

These ads started running the day after the primary election and political experts say that shows how tight the race is between Governor Brownback and Democratic challenger Paul Davis. Some recent polls have Davis ahead of Brownback.