Wichita's Edrop store is warning consumers of a new scam that involves their name.

Blake Baysinger, owner of Edrop, said he's received more than 100 calls from people who have almost become victims.

"We're getting like three calls a day," Baysinger said.

He said the scammers tell the callers that the item, usually a trailer or motorcycle, is being kept at the Edrop store.

"It adds credibility if you've done business or heard about the business," said Denise Groene, with the Wichita Better Business Bureau.

Most have been targeted on Facebook in "buy, sell, trade groups," and the item is advertised at a low price.

The scammers want you to wire them money.

Baysinger said he doesn't know of anyone who's sent cash because he's warned them.

"After the first few words out of their mouth you can tell it's the same story," Baysinger said.

The BBB said most people are aware of the risks associated with Craigslist, but feel more secure on closed Facebook groups.

"You need to be cautious. Even though it's a closed group no one is doing background checks to make sure someone is legitimate," Groene said.

She said never wire money to a seller or send a pre-paid debit card.