The Shocker's success has attracted lots of national attention and now the university has the numbers to prove it.

WSU just released a new study that shows the media exposure from last year's Final Four was worth more than a half billion dollars.

Whether it was a live interview on CBS or a write up on a game in national newspapers, last year's road to the Final Four put the Shockers in front of huge audience.

"I think it is immensely helpful to the university from the stand point that they won't be able to recreate that type of exposure again," said Department of Sports Management Instructor Mike Ross.

Ross was the lead investigator of Wichita State's recent study that looked at the worth of the March Madness media exposure.

The numbers were impressive. There were 103 articles written about the Shockers during the Final Four in national newspapers and Sports Illustrated.

WSU was mentioned 152 different times on ESPN during the tournament. Plus on websites like Yahoo and Google, 121 million people searched for terms like "Wichita State Final Four" and "Shocker Final Four 2013".

The total value of this national media attention was $555 million, and Ross says that's a conservative number.

"This isn't money that is coming into the university, this is money that the university would have had to have spent in order to get this type of exposure," Ross said.

Now with the team's undefeated season and another run in the NCAA, the exposure is expected to get even bigger. Especially if the team goes as far or farther this year.

The study isn't done yet. In the coming months Ross and his team will also look at the impact March Madness has had on admissions, website hits and merchandise revenue.