A cause remains under investigation after a fire broke out inside a northwest Wichita home.

Crews were called to the 4100 block of W. Emerald Bay shortly after 6 a.m. Wednesday.

When crews arrived, they found fire and smoke coming from the building. Firefighters attacked the fire by first cutting a hole in the roof of the home, allowing the smoke to escape.

"Once fire gets going inside of a structure, it'll fill the attic up where it'll actually extend into the attic," explained Battalion Chief Brad Boyd. "So you'll see fire crews on the roof and they'll cut a hole and what that does is it allows the smoke to evacuate and it'll clear out the house."

Eyewitness News Reporter Emily Griffin spoke with the homeowner.  He tells us he, his wife and two small children made it out of the home safely.  The homeowner says the fire started in the back part of the home. The fire caused about $170,000 in damage.

"It's extensive damage," added Boyd. "The backside of the deck, just inside the sliding glass door, all of that is damaged."

No one was hurt.