Update: Fire officials say an electrical problem caused a house fire in Rose Hill overnight.  The house is considered a total loss, but it is insured.

The family is staying at a hotel in Andover for the time being.


Fire crews from all over the are respond to help battle a house fire in Rose Hill overnight.

Butler County Fire Chief James Woydziak says the homeowner in the 200 block of N. Main smelled smoke and called 911 at around 10:13.  Fire crews were on the scene five minutes later and found heavy smoke pouring from the home.

In addition to the crews from Rose Hill, crews were called in from Andover, Sedgwick County, Douglass, and Butler County.

Two adults and two children were inside.  They all made it out safely.

Fire damage was mostly on the second floor and attic of the home.  Crews thought they were making progress on the fire, but then it started breaking through the roof in three different areas.  Firefighters had to go defensive and fight the fire from outside.

Fire investigators have not determined an official cause, but the homeowners were having a hard time with the furnace.

"They attempted to light the furnace they were having problems getting it lit." Woydziak said. "The gas pilot light wouldn't stay lit. the furnace wouldn't stay lit. they were experiencing that and electrical problems."

No one was hurt.