Wayne Molt dreads the middle of Summer, because that's when fireworks start going off and his PTSD comes gets worse.

Molt is a veteran of the Vietnam War and the loud blasts of the fireworks cause him anxiety and give him flashbacks to times of war.

"It's like you're going straight back there and you're reliving one of the darkest times of your life," Molt said.

Molt says his neighbors have been setting off fireworks everyday for the last week and on Monday the stress became too much. That's when he called 911 and told the operator he didn't know what he'd do next.

"They asked if I'd hurt anyone from EMS and I told them I didn't think so but when I'm this rattled I don't know," Molt said.

911 dispatch sent an ambulance and police and gave Molt the help he needed.

Molt says hes been attending counseling at the VA several times a day this week and the effects of the fireworks will stay with him for several days more. 

"It takes time when to come back to my normal self, these thoughts just replay over and over again in your mind," Molt said.