Wild day at the trading deadline---

With the acquisition of David Price the Tigers have the last three American League Cy Young winners in their rotation (Max Scherzer, Justin Verlander).  In less than 24 hours, the Boston Red Sox traded three starting pitchers who won games for them in last year's World Series (Jon Lester, John Lackey and Felix Doubront).  Add Jake Peavy, who they sent to the Giants, and in one week the Red Sox traded four of the five guys that started the season in their rotation. Clay Bucholtz is the only one who remains.

The A's had the best record in baseball when they traded for Jeff Samardzija  and Jason Hammel. Now they add Lester to go along with Sonny Gray, Jesse Chavez and Scott Kazmir. Are you kidding me?  General Manager Billy Bean, the smartest guy in baseball, who's never won anything, is trying desperately to stay out of that one game Wild Card. A bad bounce, or call, or an off day or inning can end your season.

Parting with Yoenis Cespedes is a calculated risk made easier by the fact that the A's have the most productive offense in the game.  The A's have the pressure of being in the same division of the Angels, which has the game's second best record,  but Oakland got better today, while Los Angeles stood pat.

With all due respect to the Orioles which, generally, hits good pitching (if the Tigers and A's don't get to the American League Championship) it will be an epic failure on either or both of their parts.  That's how strong of favorites their pitching makes them.

KC moves?

The Royals were said to be on Lackey who went to the Cardinals.  Boston received outfielder Allen Craig and pitcher Joe Kelly; it's hard to imagine the Royals putting together as attractive a package.  KC general manager Dayton Moore says that he'll continue to be aggressive in finding ways to help his squad down the stretch, although any players picked up from this point forward have to clear waivers.

It is interesting that the only two playoff contenders in the American League not to make a move at the deadline were the Angels and the Royals.  LA is already good enough to hold serve, the Royals have to do better that that. We'll see.

What may have stifled the Royals was the fact that major league talent was being traded for major league talent.  By and large, prospects were being dealt today and that's what the Royals have.  Moore claims that he was just never in a position today to seriously upgrade his roster.

"You can only take advantage of what's available to you,"Moore said.  "Internally, we feel that this group of players are very talented and have the ability to produce and will produce. We didn't feel that there was a significant upgrade for us, based on what the acquisition cost was going to be, that would vastly improve our team, or make us better to the point where we felt it was going to put us over the top."

K-State at #21---

The last time that K-State started the season ranked #21 in the coach's poll they ascended to the nation's top spot after a ten and oh start.  I'm not sure this team will have that type of cache.  There are questions at a couple of spots along the offensive line and in the backfield with the running game. The rest of the skill positions are set and defensively they should be good.  Everyone's clamoring about their home matchup with fifth ranked Auburn in week three, but they better take care of a dangerous trip to Iowa State in their second game.